On this page is a selection of my original music, most of which was written during the last few years. Please enjoy, share with your friends & feel free to send in your feedback via the CONTACT page...


This is an original instrumental piece that will be featuring in the upcoming Australian Independent Film called "World War Future" which is due for release by early of 2014

The Mad Mage

This progressive dance track will feature on an upcoming iPhone/Android retro styled video game called "The Mad Mage" which will hopefully be released very soon!

War Lullaby

This is an original instrumental piece that will be featuring in the upcoming Australian Independent Film called "World War Future" which is due for release by the end of 2013.

Please check out more about this film at www.facebook.com/WorldWarFuture

Waiting For The War

This is a DEMO of an instrumental track I wrote for the latest project I'm currently working, called "World War Future" which is an Australian Independent Film. I'm currently writing the soundtrack & wanted to share this DEMO for one of the tracks.

Please check out more about this film at www.facebook.com/WorldWarFuture

Mia's Mojo

This track was designed for a video game, iphone game, android game or a kids game. It occurred to me that kids don't really have their own genre that introduces them to much more up-tempo 'dance style' music, and so here is my take on Kids-Dance Music!

I had my dear friends adorable little munchkin in mind when I wrote this, because her parents and I spent so much time at clubs, raves & listening to dance, trance, happy hardcore, drum n bass, and I thought to myself, "When will little Mia be introduced to this type of music? She needs a song of her own that can show her the world of dance music!". And this track was created...

So play this for your kids, and watch them dance!

Chelsea’s Theme

The inspiration for this instrumental piece came from something I began spontaneously humming to my 4month old god-daughter, Chelsea, as I rocked her to sleep late one afternoon. It worked like a charm, so I recorded the idea on my iPhone so I could develop it later, and here is the result..

Swamp Strummin

This is an instrumental track I wrote earlier this year. The name comes from the first bar of Doboro Guitar part, which is the idea I started with as I wrote this piece.. This instrumental piece would be best suited in TV or film.


This dance track was created years & years ago on my old PC, when I first began my foray into the world of computer generated music. Lucky for me, I've graduated to a MacBook Pro with Logic, but I give you this track as an homage to the dodgy old & busted PC gathering dusk under my desk...

Nous Vivrons Pour La Musique

This French inspired track is called "Nous vivrons pour la musique" which translates to "We live for the music" & was originally created using Pro Tools. I've remastered this track using my Logic Pro setup.


Here's a track where I sampled my voice on a Kurzweil which was a first for me, and a really cool thing to do!

A Life For Us

Here's a track I made for and performed at a close friend's Wedding Reception. The happy couple & everyone there absolutely loved this track & it made a great wedding present.. I hope you guys like it! I've just remastered it using my Logic Pro setup. This song was also originally made using Pro Tools.

Never Never

This is a track I did whilst at uni, using Pro Tools. I wanted to remaster it using my Logic Pro setup and here's the result! Hope you guys like it..

Lilly Of The Lakes

This is an instrumental piece that I wrote just recently, one afternoon doodling on the piano.. It's aim really is to show diversity in genre and style..