With many years of experience based on a strong foundation in musical theatre productions, playing the piano from 5 years of age, 7 years of vocal training and a Bachelor or Arts in Popular Music Studies from Brisbane's University of Queensland, Bryan has the trademarks of a great songwriter and composer.

Since 1993, Bryan has been involved in numerous musical theatre productions including as “Les Misérables”, “Oliver Twist”, “Hair” & “Jukebox”. And it is during this time that Bryan developed his skills in live performance and became an avid fan of the performing arts.

Always admiring the talent of other songwriters, Bryan began to pen his own works in 1996 after a turbulent time in his private life. These events marked the official ‘opening of the floodgates’ to a whole new perspective of life as a person, a performer and a musician - one that allowed him new avenues of self-expression and a place to grow from. Initially, writing songs and music was purely for finding solace within and embracing the cathartic. Nevertheless, soon after, Bryan’s talents developed and he was no longer writing songs to express and release his own inner feelings, but it became an avenue of perception and intrigue towards those around him, and for the stories of others.

In an effort to never limiting his creativeness by sticking to only one genre of music, Bryan writes music and songs across several styles including pop, adult contemporary, ballads, dance, progressive, house, electronica, experimental, instrumental, orchestral & soundtrack. To hear a selection of his musical works, please go to the MUSIC page on this website, or follow the links to SOUNDCLOUD. Bryan is constantly working on several pieces at once, developing the sound and perfecting his tracks. "To be actively perusing my dream of being a songwriter is one of the greatest and most rewarding challenges of my life"...

When asked about his lifelong connection to music and what kind of impact music has had on his life, Bryan had this to say:

“Music has always been a huge defining part of my life, as with a lot of people. I’ve always been fascinated by the power of music in how it affects people, and how music appeals to different people in different ways. One thing I love the most about music is it’s ability to make you feel like you’re transported back to a particular time and place when you hear a song that conjures happy memories of a good time, and music’s ability to bring people together is simply incredible to me, but so is its ability to help you through the bad times to

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I lost someone very close to me that I discovered the extent of the emotional power and connection we all have to music, but most importantly, the comfort and healing you can find in a song or a piece of music. And really, for me, that’s when I first began to write my own music, and it was for most part, very cathartic. Since then, I have wanted to write music to give that connection to people, to make them dance, sing, laugh, cry and in some cases, find comfort and reassurance. This is why I’ve spent a big part of my life learning, studying & practicing music, so I can somehow share that feeling with others..."

And when asked about some of his musical influences, favourite artists and plans for the future, Bryan had this to say:

“Where do I start? The list of artists that I love, listen to regularly & find myself influenced by, is simply immeasurable! But if you were to twist my arm a little more, I could probably give you a list. Ever since I was a young boy, I’ve loved Dolly Parton, but who wouldn’t? My Mum had all of her albums on cassette tapes and that’s what we listened to in the car when I was a kid. Now, this amazing woman has written over 3,000 songs - yes, 3,000 - and if I can have even a remote percentage of her success as a songwriter, then I will be overjoyed...

My biggest ‘artist crush’ is definitely Tina Arena. I’ve followed her career for such a long time. She has the most incredible voice, and she sounds better and better every time I see her live. And to hear Tina sing in French, well it just does things to me. My dream is to write songs for Tina to sing and record, in either English or French. Tina’s had a incredible career in France, and wanting to write songs for her in French was an influence on me choosing to study the language at university. Some may think that strange, but that’s ok. I’ve always wanted to have a second language & I have some very dear friends who are French, so between my friends & Tina, it really was a very easy choice. And you never know - Tina may read this one day and my dream could come true...

I love going to big concerts. The roar of the crowd and the music pumping so loudly that you can feel it pulsing in the bones would have to be the best feeling. And the idea of hearing 10,000 people sing the lyrics to one of your songs would be beyond belief… and I can’t wait till that happens for me. Some great concerts I’ve seen were of course Dolly Parton & Tina Arena, Kylie Minogue, Janet Jackson, The Wombats, Arctic Monkeys, Roxette, Madonna… and the list goes on. My tastes in music and artists really are quite varied, covering many different styles

I have to say, there’s nothing quite like the song of an orchestra 'in full flight' as the music soars, taking you along with it. I love instrumental music and have spent countless hours listening to film soundtracks over and over, reliving the scenes in my head. Many people find escapism in film, and I do too… but music is really where it’s at for me. Music is my fantasyland. My oasis. My escape. My safety blanket...

Ultimately, I’d love to be collaborating with the artists I respect & admire the most. And then to be there and hear those 10,000 fans sing my song! So, until that day happens - and long after too - I’m going to keep on writing music so that other people can feel something, the same way that I’ve felt something thanks to the power of music..."


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